Atom 32-bit

IMPORTANT: This project is in no way affiliated with the official Atom project, if you encounter issues, please send an email to I will endevour to respond as soon as possible however, note that this project is only maintained in my spare time.

This website is a collection of 32-bit builds of Atom. Windows builds come from the official Atom GitHub repository and Linux versions are built by me. Additional links are provided to download Windows builds from the official Github in case you don't trust me. This cannot be done for Linux versions as there are no official 32-bit Linux builds. No Mac versions are provided as Macs have been 64-bit for a long time now.

I will continue to provide up to date builds for as long as reasonably possible as well as archiving previous versions. These builds will primarily be for the x86 architecture but possibly ARM in the future too. It's worth noting, however that official 32-bit support for NodeJS on Linux is deprecated so you really should be looking to move to a 64-bit architecture soon.

For the official Atom project see their website, their SourceForge or their GitHub repository.


Current and previous builds can be downloaded from my downloads server. Windows versions are also available from the official Atom GitHub repository should you, for whatever reason, not trust my unofficial builds.

Ubuntu PPA

Thanks to @Rokus for giving me the idea in this Stack Exchange post. There will soon be a PPA along with instructions on how to add it so that Debian and Ubuntu users can get automatic updates through the APT package manager.

Latest Source Code and Previous Versions


Previous Versions

Which version do I pick?

Lastest version: v1.58.0

There are various versions of Atom here. I strongly recommend that you download the latest version specified above however, older versions are maintained for archival purposes. See the table below for details on each type of file:

Name Description
Windows AtomSetup.exe The standard installer file for Windows, if you're running Windows and simply want to install Atom, this is the file for you. The contents of the build directory after building. The files in the "Atom" directory can be used to directly run Atom without installing by double-clicking "atom.exe".
Linux atom-i386.deb If you're running Linux and are unsure, this is probably the right file. It's the .deb file for Debian and Debian derived Linux distributions (i.e. Ubuntu). This can be installed via the command line by running "sudo apt install /path/to/downloaded/.deb/file" or double clicking it may bring up a graphical package manager to install it for you.
atom-i386.rpm The .rpm file for a range of Linux distributions if you're running a distribution of Linux that uses this kind of package file, you probably know about it.
atom-i386.tar.gz The non-packaged raw files after building, Atom can be run directly from here once extracted with a simple "./atom". Mainly included for distributions without a package manager.

There is also a file in each version's directory which contains a clone of the Atom Github repository at the time of building. In other words, this is the exact source code used to build the binaries. This code always comes from the branch {version_number}-releases at